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Company Trying to Force Mandatory Overtime!!!

The company did not get 'Mandatory Call-Out Overtime' during the 2014 negotiations, so now they have decided to unilaterally force it upon us.

Yesterday, July 1st, the company told the union they are planning to unilaterally implement their 'Mandatory Call-Out Plan' unless we sit down and agree to a settlement. The company did not get the mandatory language they wanted during the 2014 negotiations because they could not provide statistical facts to prove their case. The company still refuses to deal with the real issue: insufficient staffing levels and inefficient training and work procedures. Our contract has several provisions to serve our customers without resorting to these underhanded, draconian tactics.

The bottom line, in my opinion, they do not want to spend the money to hire the appropriate amount of staffing and spend the money and time to properly improve and train employees (management & union alike), because it will eventually affect the stock price. I have heard it too many times in the last couple years, "It cost money to update our training programs and scheduling procedures." "There is a legacy cost to hiring new employees", and "We have our budgets to worry about." Yes, budgets are important. But, there is a cost to running any business, especially a premier business. Do you believe that their training programs, work procedures, staffing levels, and scheduling procedures are premier? Management's solution to all of these issues are for you to work more hours. Stock prices are more important than your time off and family life.

It was the first day of the 'New' company after the split and it already looks like they are looking for trouble.

-Vern Beck-

The union will fight this threat! We have responded quickly with our initial requests for information:

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