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The President's Thoughts:
Brothers and Sisters,

It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your President. As your President, I believe I have two primary responsibilities: To keep every Union member safe and To protect every Union member's contractual rights.
Every Union member is entitled to a safe work environment. Safety is an endless objective. We should never cease to find ways to improve the safety of our worksites. I believe safety procedures and protocols on the job site should be meaningful without making it too burdensome for the Union member.
Every so many years, the union leadership meet with management to negotiate a binding contract, an agreement that both sides agree to respect and follow. When that agreement is violated, I believe it is the duty of the union member to bring the violation to the attention of the local management. If a respectful discussion does not resolve the violation, then I believe it is the duty of the union member to file a grievance in order to protect the integrity of the agreement. An agreement that is not protected, is soon a useless agreement.
I believe we are the greatest asset that Nipsco has in their workforce, we are the skilled labor workforce. A workforce that installs and maintains the commodity of gas and electric. A commodity that provides comfort and protection to every household in our service territory. A commodity that allows all other industries to function.
I believe we have one the best Utility Labor workforce in the nation and I will continually work to protect and serve each member. In return, I ask that you be your Brothers Keeper and provide high quality service for our customers.

In Solidarity,
Vernon Beck
USW Local 12775 President

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