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A Message to Our Members:
Please avoid "recreational bidding". Consider that if you are bidding jobs that you have no intention of accepting, you are contributing to slowing the process down and preventing a lower seniority union member from improving his position in the company. By all means, bid what you want, but ......have some idea that you may really want that position. Thank you for your continued support,
Local 12775 Executive Board
Bidders are listed in order of seniority by the company. Please note that super seniority is not reflected in the listing

Bids closed 6/11/21

Bids closed 5/28/21

Bids closed 5/21/21

Bids closed 5/14/21

Bids closed 5/7/21

Bids closed 4/30/21

Bids closed 4/23/21

Bids closed 4/16/21

Bids closed 4/12/21

Bids closed 4/2/21

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