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March Report
Grievance Chair Report:

We screened 14 grievances, 6 were rejected 8 were moved on to second steps.
We are holding second steps for Gas Ops March 2nd and for Fleet Maintenance and Gas controllers March 7th.
We currently have 2 employees terminated. The company is using outside attorney's for arbitrations, and historically they tend to drag out these procedings. These procedings cost money and take time from the local. We will fight every just case but the first line of defense is not to put yourself into any situation that puts your job on the line. The Union is not here to "get people off the hook", if discipline is just, it is just. We are here to make sure every member is represented fairly.
I want everyone to know that anytime you are in an interview or fact finding with the company you have the RIGHT under Federal Law and the contract to have a Union Rep with you.
There are many ways to handle a dispute in the workplace, the first is to be civil and respectful to your fellow brothers and sisters and work to get along. You can work with your griever to help mediate and potentially keep things from escalating. Please be civil to one another, don't disrespect, disparage, or harass your brothers and sisters. Not only could the company discipline you but they could even terminate your employment. Disputes between members are bad for the Local as a whole. The Local wants to ensure that every member is treated dignity and respect.

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