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March Report 13th March 2018

Grievance Chair Report:

We screened 14 grievances, 6 were rejected 8 were moved on to second steps.
We are holding second steps for Gas Ops March 2nd and for Fleet Maintenance and Gas controllers March 7th.
We currently have 2 employees terminated. The company is using outside attorney's for arbitrations, and historically they tend to drag out these procedings. These procedings cost money and take time from the local. We will fight every just case but the first line of defense is not to put yourself into any situation that puts your job on the line. The Union is not here to "get people off the hook", if discipline is just, it is just. We are here to make sure every member is represented fairly.
I want everyone to know that anytime you are in an interview or fact finding with the company you have the RIGHT under Federal Law and the contract to have a Union Rep with you.
There are many ways to handle a dispute in the workplace, the first is to be civil and respectful to your fellow brothers and sisters and work to get along. You can work with your griever to help mediate and potentially keep things from escalating. Please be civil to one another, don't disrespect, disparage, or harass your brothers and sisters. Not only could the company discipline you but they could even terminate your employment. Disputes between members are bad for the Local as a whole. The Local wants to ensure that every member is treated dignity and respect.

The Grievance Chair's Thoughts: 30th November 2017

The Grievance Committee heard 11 grievances.  At screening, two were rejected and nine were sent through. We have one employee terminated that we are waiting to hear the results of the second step hearing on. Second step hearings are on schedule.  We just heard Michigan City and Bailey this week.  We will hear Schaeffer's second steps on December 8th. We are trying to nail down a date for Chem Lab. We are meeting with the company on sickleave issues on Monday afternoon… Please, once again, be advised that optometrists and chiropractors are not allowed to sign sick leave forms, but ophthalmologists are.

The Grievance Chair's Thoughts: 13th October 2017

No grievances screened today due to low number, outstanding grievances will be rolled into next month's screening. We started hearing gas ops grievances, mainly over painting of meter sets, we were unable to finish so the rest will be screened Oct. 6th. New regulations are coming down for reg. station inspections, which should create a good amount of work and we are doing everything we can to keep that work in house.
We had a huge win in arbitration over sick leave issues leading to termination. Our member will be coming back to work with full back pay. Every time we win one of these types of arbitrations it makes it easier to defend employees who are being unfairly treated. Unfortunately we also had an employee terminated due to allegedly using language unfit for the workplace. We have yet to investigate these allegations, but please use this as a reminder to always be aware of your language. You may have the right to say what you want, but it doesn't mean that the company has to allow it in the workplace.

Grievance Chair update 3rd July 2017

We had several rounds of second steps, one for Gas Ops June 14th and one for Fleet and Maintenance June 20th. We also had a major pre-arbitration settlement for an employee whose job was eliminated, and were able to negotiate to save another members job in second steps. We held an arbitration for a terminated employee, the general feeling is it went well and we are optimistic. There is a contracting out meeting for Gas Ops scheduled for July 13th.

We made an effort to unionize the trainer at the training center, unfortunately they said no. It is unfortunate that they will not be able to share in the benefits of Union membership we all enjoy.

Finally I would like to thank everyone for their participation in the "Charity of Choice" event!

The Grievance Chair's Thoughts: 6th April 2017

-17 grievances were screened with 7 moving on to second steps

-There are currently two employees terminated at this time, we are scheduled to arbitrate one on April 6th

-Second steps for R.M.S.G.S. and P.P.S. were held last month, will be reconvening with the company on April 10th

Grievance Update 9/1/2015 31st August 2015

Dozens of grievances are working their way through the grievance procedure over the past several months.


Generation management has settled and agreed to pay our members for work done by contractors on some grievances that we demonstrated could in fact be done in house and meet dead lines.

Other grievances were denied and a few withdrawn for lack of merit and or lack of proof. There are still a few that are in the procedure still for larger jobs that have yet to have resolution.

Electric Line and Sub:

We have been successful in moving a lot of work back in house and have had some grievances settled for pay for when contractors have worked without exhausting internal resources. There are still a few that the company has asked to hold while they deliberate.

Gas Ops:

Gas has been a disaster with regard to the number of jobs contracted out. We have never seen this much work contracted out, we have also never seen this much total work.
Grievances are making their way through the procedure and if we don't get them settled we will be arbitrating as soon as possible. Most likely before the end of the year.


TDISC off site warehouses and the contracting out of store room work and transportation of materials is also a hot issue working its way through the grievance procedure.

We will continue to fight vigorously to keep out work ours. More update to come.

Jamie Mante
Chairman, Grievance Committee
USW Local 12775

Greivance Chair Update 1st February 2016

This month grievance committee had 40 grievances that were moved to second step. Of those 40, 3 were rejected for lack of merit, the rest will be scheduled for second step.
We had arbitration in December over paid rest time pushing the clock for 14 hours it takes to get double time. The arbitration went as well as can be expected. It lasted two days and we expect a ruling by February 25th. We also had an employee who was terminated for alleged time fraud. The Union and Company came to a settlement to return the member back to work a few days before it was to arbitrated. On the day we were to arbitrate the above issue, another member was terminated for alleged time fraud. We strongly believe that both of these employees were wrongfully terminated. Our members need to be aware that there seems to be an extraordinary effort to scrutinize time sheets. Don’t get caught up in it!
It looks like the days of giving the benefit of the doubt and not jumping to conclusions may be over.
It’s a shame that management is taking such a cynical position. They need to know that we won’t stand for it. We will fight for justice for our members.
In other news there are hourly workers who are currently not eligible to join our union who have petitioned the NLRB for recognition and for an election to be able to join our union. There was an NLRB hearing to make a determination as to their status, and hopefully with a positive ruling, we will be adding these employees to our ranks. Further details can be provided after the ruling; we expect one any day.
Second steps for MCGS are scheduled for 2/29/2016, and RMSGS for 2/12/2016. We are working on scheduling Meter Reading, Electric Operations and Gas Ops. We have been on schedule for the most part. We have just started to send out notices in the mail when a grievance is settled or withdrawn in a new effort to better keep the members informed.

Stick together and work safely!
Jamie Mante

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