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March Report 13th March 2018

We are still experiencing, in many areas, a lack of notification when contracting out is occurring. Please remember to take advantage of the keep our work tab when you notice contractors doing work that you aren't sure they should be, Or notify your griever.

November Update 30th November 2017

On the electric side we have unfortunately seen more work going out, mainly due to turn key subdivision where contractors handle electric, gas, and terminations.

In generation power plant support has been successful in keeping more work in house. At Bailly there is interest in having a griever in on planning meetings in an attempt to keep more of the work we have the personnel for.

We are still experiencing, in many areas, a lack of notification when contracting out is occurring.

Contracting Out Update 3rd July 2017

We are having meaningful discussions and have had some success keeping work in house on electric side. We are having trouble opening a dialogue with the company on contracting out in generation, many of these projects are being contracted out without the Local being notified. On gas side it appears that gas scheduling is being overwhelmed by the volume of work, some crews are idle while contractors are working. We will continue working hard for our members and retaining our work!

The Contracting Out Committee's Thoughts: 6th April 2017

-Don Halfman reported electric line has pulled back some contracted work and is staying ahead of their commitments

-Jamie Mante reported gas contractor crews have gone down from 36 crews to 18 crews.

-We are continually trying to limit contracted work across the company

July Update 13th July 2016

Electric Side-
Construction was given distribution reject poles that Hammond and Crown Point aren't able to complete. Two jobs that the foreman have looked at are going to be contracted out. We have four districts working afternoon shift currently.

Gas Side-
Still awaiting meeting with company representatives to determine status of contracting out.

Contracting Out Update 1st February 2016

Gas side:
The company has still been offering working weekends in some areas, Further information request have been submitted.

Line Side:
There are contractors working on reject transmission pole replacement, some fiber optic retirement on towers in East Chicago, and underground cable change out. The Tdisc leadership want to give the two worst circuit packets to contractors. Management has decided that we would work them first, to determine if we can fit them into our schedule. Currently we are able to work extensions as productivity allows. These jobs are 1200 and 1500 man hours; definitely work we want to keep!

In Solidarity,
Contracting Out Committee

Update! 1st September 2015

For electric we are meeting monthly with small groups and have had good success. We have had several contractors leave because they didn't have work for them on the account that we are doing most of it. We are working on our second tower line, the last one we did was in 2000-2001. From then until March 2015 all tower work went to contractors. We are currently working on multiple large projects. The districts are doing a lot larger projects freeing construction line up to do what was in the pastcontracted out. We have met with gas one time and have another meeting in September. We will meet every other month and will settle for anything less than the cooperation we have on the electric side. We still have some issues on gas with jobs not being ready when crews get there, not enough work given to crews to work a full day and overtime. Also districts need beefed up ennough to do maintenance and new business.

First Contracting Out Blog 16th August 2015

Testing the text for the contracting out blog

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